The following are excerpts from letters received by Share A Vision from the families of individuals that participated in the trips, teachers of students that participated, as well as other individuals that had involvement in the trips that Share A Vision sponsored:
I had faith that you would be able to prepare our daughters for such an amazing adventure but what I didn't expect was all that my husband and I learned from this trip. It gave us a better understanding of our daughters and how we can better help them be more independent.
The Pachinger Family
I am so grateful for the Share A Vision organization. Share A Vision has helped me to give my students opportunities that matter. Participating in recreational and leisure activities do not come naturally to many children with autism. They must learn many of the activities that we take for granted and enjoy. Share A Vision affords my students the opportunities necessary to learn to navigate the social world.
April Cindric
Special Education Teacher
You were right when you told us that this trip would be more than about our children; you were so right when you said we would learn and raise awareness.
The Pachinger Family
What can we say about the significance of our class's trip to Walt Disney World last May? It was one of the most rewarding and exciting vacations of our lives! It was just extremely powerful to bring such a strong and united voice to the world about autism. Too often (and especially when we are on vacation), it seems like no one quite understands what we are dealing with. Well, for those six days we knew that everyone with us understood us! That meant more than words can say! Please know what an amazingly powerful impact this trip had on our lives. We can't thank you enough for making this possible and bringing our dreams to life!
Karen, Tom, Alex & Evan
As an author and national presenter in the autism field, I have had the opportunity to speak with thousands of families across the country and am well aware of their challenges, concerns and dreams for their children. But it is because I am a parent of three children with autism spectrum disorder that I personally understand how hard it is to take kids like ours into the community. A group trip which is well staffed and accompanied by loving parents is a wonderful opportunity to teach these skills to parents and children by actual use. Integrating individuals into the community - with support - provides experiences and interactions that eventually lead to ever-greater independence.
Kristi Sakai
Autism Speaker
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